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The term nutraceutical broadly refers to the class of food-based dietary supplements. The term was coined in 1989 by Stephen L. DeFelice, founder and current chairman of the U.S.-based Foundation for Innovation in Medicine. The origin of the word pays homage to the ancient Hippocratic motto, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

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Bioactive substances

A balanced and varied diet is key to maintaining your health. Food contains ingredients with unique characteristics that may be exploited for specific purposes. Particular food components known to be bio-active are the basis of nutraceuticals. Bioactive substances occur naturally in foods, but can also be added to food supplements to promote health. Dietary supplements are therefore also called "nutraceuticals". Another term for nutraceutical is functional food. In addition to nutrients, functional foods contain ingredients that may promote health. Some examples of bioactive substances are Coenzyme Q, Glucosinolates and Carnitine.

Nutraceuticals as an adjunct to diet

It may be a smart choice to use nutraceutical supplements either for general purposes, when, for example, you cannot get sufficient quantities of a specific substance from your daily diet, or in case of a specific indication. By design, each nutraceutical has its own specific physiological properties and interactions with one or more biological processes in your body.

Large product range

Nutraceuticals are available in myriad forms and formulas, from tablets to capsules and from liquids to powders. Browse through our wide range of nutraceutical products and maximize your day by supplementing your diet with the nutritional supplements you need. Are you considering purchasing nutraceutical supplements but have any questions? Please contact our customer service!