HCl + Enzymes - Smidge™ (formerly GutZyme™ HCl)
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HCl + Enzymes - Smidge™ (formerly GutZyme™ HCl)

  • Category: Digestion
  • Blend of enzymes
  • Unique, mild dose of HCl
  • Contains pepsin and protease (with DPP-IV)
  • Contains three types of lipase
  • Suitable for GAPS and Paleo Diet
  • 120 vegetarian capsules
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Smidge™ HCl + Enzymes

In addition to a healthy diet, proper digestion of your diet is vitally important, so that the nutrients present in it can be optimally absorbed by your body. In order for digestion to run smoothly, the stomach produces stomach acid and various enzymes that aid in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Smidge™ HCl+ Enzymes combines a wide selection of enzymes with betaine hydrochloride (HCl), the hydrochloride salt form of the betaine enzyme. Smidge™ HCl + Enzymes is a unique supplement owing to the fact that it combines a mild dose of HCl with pepsin, rendering the product suitable for people with low stomach acid production as well.

Smidge™ HCl + Enzymes in a nutshell

This unique formula combines a mild dose of HCl with pepsin and three different types of the enzyme lipase, namely amylase, lactase and phytase. This formula is particularly suitable for people transitioning to a GAPS or Paleo diet, both of which are diets with a higher than usual fat content. This product is also popular among people with stomach and reflux complaints, complaints often caused by food that has not been digested properly and flows back into the esophagus. Restoring the enzyme balance in the stomach acid is important. Beyond HCl, Smidge™ HCl+ Enzymes contains three types of lipase, pepsin, lactase, amylase and phytase as well as the protease peptidase complex with exopeptidase and DPP-IV activity. In addition, this supplement is free from traces of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, yeast and corn, and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The powder cannot be separated from the capsule and the product cannot be used on an empty stomach. This supplement is not suitable for children, nor for people with a stomach ulcer or an Aspergillus allergy.

About the intestinal flora

The intestinal flora is a single name for all micro-organisms living in the intestine. That's about 100 trillion in total! The body acts as a host for these microbes. One species is more desirable than the other, and they can be divided into resident and passing gut microbes. When these are in balance, there is homeostasis, a key objective in our body. Essential substances such as vitamins and neurotransmitters are produced here. Moreover, the microbiome plays a key role in the digestion of food and thus in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Our intestinal system is not only very complex, it is also just as unique as our fingerprint! The collaboration between body and intestinal bacteria is one of the most ingenious bodily collaborations.

How do bacteria and enzymes function?

Our intestinal system is populated by billions of microorganisms, each of which has its own task within the greater whole of our intestinal flora. In order for the digestion to run smoothly, the body works together with these microorganisms. With a normal intestinal flora, these types are in balance, a balance that is different for everyone. Enzymes are able to accelerate all kinds of processes in our body: they are the workhorses of our body. Enzymes can sometimes speed up processes up to a trillion times! Digestive enzymes act as a kind of catalyst in our intestinal system, then. They are 'chemical factories' in our body that deserve our attention.


  • Contains a careful yet inclusive selection of enzymes
  • Contains a uniquely mild dosage of 400 mg HCl and 8 mg of pepsin per capsule
  • Contains the three types of lipase amylase, lactase and phytase
  • Contains the protease peptidase and exopeptidase complex with DPP-IV activity
  • Can be used as a precursor to, or in combination with, Smidge™ Digestive Enzymes
  • Suitable for vegetarians and those following a GAPS or Paleo diet
  • Free from allergens

The unraveling of our intestinal flora

We are gaining more and more insight into the vitals functions of our intestinal flora, but actually we still know very little about this mysterious 'organ' in our body. The knowledge we have today is probably just the tip of the iceberg! We are slowly beginning to understand the special ways bacteria communicate with each other through a mechanism known as 'quorum sensing'. The mechanism enables bacteria, through the secretion of signal molecules, to be in constant conversation with each other and to coordinate their behavior. They can know, among other things, how many congeners they are with, in order to subsequently trigger a synchronous reaction in a certain number of congeners. Friendly bacteria communicate and work together through quorum sensing, a phenomenon that remains as fascinating to many researchers as it is mysterious.

Compiled with care

Smidge™ is committed to quality. All products are composed with care and produced in small batches; moreover, no unnecessary ingredients are added. This makes the products widely applicable and suitable for everyone, including those who are hypersensitive or have allergies. The products are composed on the basis of the latest insights and contain specific, neutral strains of bacteria that are well tolerated by almost everyone. People who follow diets as the GAPS or Paleo diet, can take Smidge™ products with confidence.

About Smidge™

The supplements of Smidge™ (formerly Organic3) focus specifically on the digestive system and the gut. They are natural, durable and formulated with great care without unnecessary additives, making the products suitable for even the most sensitive users.

The name 'Smidge' means 'a small amount', stressing the fact their products always get produced in small batches in order to guarantee extra quality. It is the mission of the three founders to use these products to provide essential nutrients supporting the digestive system and helping to maximize absorption of nutrient-rich foods.

The company stems from the personal experience of the three founders, who all managed to overcome health problems themselves. They believe that good nutrition is the key to health and their vision, experience and research have led to unique products, formulated to prevent unwanted side effects and to achieve the highest possible results. The Smidge™ founders are passionate about the work of Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, two sources of inspiration in the creation of Smidge™ products.

More Information
Product Name
HCl + Enzymes - Smidge™ (formerly GutZyme™ HCl)
120 capsules
User Instructions

Take one capsule daily with food. Then take two capsules together, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Smidge™ HCl + Enzymes contains (hydrochloric acid), an important ingredient for people with low stomach acid production.

Start low and slow: Smidge™ supplements are premium, pure and potent. Therefore, it's critically important to start slowly, with a lower dosage than recommended. For example, a very small dose every other day, or even once a week, until you can determine how the supplement affects your body and what dosage feels right for you.

Ingredients per Serving

400 mg Betaine hydrochloride, 8 mg pepsin, 494 mg comprehensive enzyme blend (lipase, amylase, protease peptidase complex, lactase, phytase).

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water.

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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