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Glandular Extracts

Gland extracts are natural extracts from selected tissues of young calves, among other animals, and have organ-specific effects on, for example, the brain, heart, lungs or testicles. Peptides, the bioactive fraction of gland extracts, modulate these respective target tissues. One example: Testoluten Testicle Extract supports testicular function without adverse side effects or risk of over-stimulation. Garmonia’s unique, safe and patented Peptide Bioregulators are physiologically active and very potent.

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42 Item(s)

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Operation of glands

Glands are organs that serve to produce specific biochemical compounds and to inject them into the circulatory system.  The body has endocrine and exocrine glands.  Endocrine glands play a role in the release (secretion) of specific messenger substances (prominently including hormones).  By contrast, exocrine glands excrete substances such that they exit the body in a secure way.  Gland Extracts supply the body with cell-specific substances such as peptides.

Gland Extract with peptides

Peptides are naturally occurring molecules consisting of multiple amino acids.  They are present in cells and tissues and play an important role in many body functions and biological activities.  Peptides also have an effect on the functioning of glands and organs.  Gland Extracts therefore supply specific peptides to the body.

21 kinds of Peptide Bioregulator gland extracts

Looking for a specific gland extract?  Then you've come to the right place.  Our gland extract product range consists of no fewer than 21 different animal glandular extracts, including pineal gland extract, adrenal extract, brain extract and lung extract.  These extracts support the functioning of glands and organs.  All Peptide Bioregulator gland extracts are manufactured in a natural way according to a patented Russian process.  Peptide Bioregulator extracts are used without side effects by millions of people worldwide.