Grass-Fed Bovine Colostrum

  • Paleo & Primeval Diet
  • New Zealand pasture cattle
  • Resonant with the body
  • Source of powerful immune factors
  • More than 700 cooperating substances
  • Freeze-dried raw
  • Free from hormones and GMOs
  • 180 capsules
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Grass-fed Bovine Colostrum by Ancestral Supplements

In many aboriginal ancient cultures, consuming animal organs, or the first, purest secretions, of a healthy animal is an important lifestyle component. Since the beginning of time, our bodies have also evolved with the 'head-to-tail’ diet, including animal tissues, organs and liquids that contain high concentrations of essential nutrients. Ancestral Supplements offers a supplement of grass-fed bovine colostrum: a pure and powerful elixir full of nutrients and bioactive components. With its high concentration of perfectly balanced nutrients, colostrum is one of the oldest and most unique natural food sources in the world.

Natural ingredients of Bovine Colostrum:

  • Includes powerful immune factors, such as immunoglobulins, PRPs (proline-rich polypeptides), lactoferrin, glycoproteins and cytokines
  • With essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids
  • More than 700 substances in concentrated form working together


  • Contains exclusively New Zealand pasture cattle
  • Lyophilized raw to preserve vitamins, minerals and cofactors
  • Colostrum contains - bioactive and nutritionally intact - building blocks with specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids
  • Includes powerful immune factors, such as immunoglobulins, PRPs (proline-rich polypeptides), lactoferrin, glycoproteins and cytokines
  • Purely formulated with high-quality ingredients
  • Does not contain pesticides, fillers or hormones and is GMO-free
  • Free from allergens and independently tested

The power of bovine colostrum

Colostrum is the first milk all newborn mammals receive from their mother in the first 24 to 36 hours after birth. This milk has a unique composition and is particularly rich in essential antibodies, in a composition and quantity unmatched by man-made formulations. Grass-fed Colostrum by Ancestral Supplements is rich in essential amino acids, vitamins, proteins (immunoglobulins), natural growth factors, glycoproteins, cytokines, lactoferrins, proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) and many more valuable substances. It is not without reason that it is very valuable for newborn babies to consume colostrum right after birth. Mothers produce colostrum only during the first three to five days post-partum, after which the composition changes to that of regular breast milk.

Colostrum, the ultimate superfood

Grass-fed Colostrum by Ancestral Supplements offers unique, fundamental nutrition containing a very wide range of essential nutrients to take care of the body from the inside, for young people but certainly also for adults! The colostrum is extracted with respect for the nursing animal and contains high concentrations of bioactive and nutritionally intact nutrients including specific vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies and amino acids. It contains a total of over 700 collaborating substances. Because of this unique, rich, concentrated composition, colostrum can rightly be called the ultimate superfood!

How do organ supplements work?

Proteins play an important role in the formation of new cells. Your body needs essential amino acids to transform them through protein synthesis into nucleoproteins, antibodies, enzymes and tissue cells. Organ meats contain a variety of essential amino acids, but also fatty acids, bioactive components and micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are not found in such high concentrations in other animal or vegetable protein sources. Animal organs also contain tissue-specific nutrients that can be directly transported through our body to the corresponding organs in our body. These organ-specific nutrients are like puzzle pieces that fit the nutritional needs of the same organs in the human body hand-in-glove. Thus, through organ meats, we can obtain essential nutrients that benefit our entire body and which also contain components that specifically target the target organ in our body corresponding to the supplement.

Eating head to tail

For all who pursue a sustainable, ethical and healthy lifestyle, the head-to-tail principle, or evolutionary eating, presents an interesting starting point when eating animal products. When we feed ourselves in this inclusive way, we not only ensure that as little meat as possible is lost, eating animal organs also corresponds to the ancient human tradition of eating organ meat because of the high concentration of nutrients in it. The knowledge that organ meats are extremely rich in essential nutrients already existed among many ancient civilizations. Animal organs, for example, contain high concentrations of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K and E, as well as magnesium, iron, choline, iodine and vitamin B12. Of all of these nutrients most people following a typical Western diet can use some extras. Moreover, the specific composition of nutrients of an animal organ is in line with the nutrients that the same organ in the human body is in need of.

According to the principles of Weston Price

Canadian dentist Weston Price (1870-1948) studied the dietary habits in traditional cultures around the world. He discovered that the original inhabitants of Canada attached great importance to consuming meat from animal organs; especially bone marrow was loved. Organs were a staple in the daily diet of our early ancestors, and for good reason: intake of fat-soluble vitamins and many of the essential minerals was accomplished through eating animal organs.

Organ meat of the highest quality

New Zealand was made for the breeding of healthy livestock. The country is unique, the climate is moderate and pasture grass grows fresh and green all year round. This means that cows can eat the food that is healthiest for them every day of the year. The cattle used for Ancestral Supplements products come from New Zealand and are strictly grass-fed. They are kept without the use of hormones, pesticides or antibiotics (all of which are widely used in factory farming) and the health of the animals is closely monitored. Strict government licenses, certification and control mechanisms ensure that the highest quality is achieved. Freeze-drying of the organs preserves vitamins, cofactors and minerals.

About Ancestral Supplements

The Texan company Ancestral Supplements stands for high-quality organ supplements. Co-founder Brian Johnson believes that we as human beings are perfectly attuned to an environment that unfortunately no longer exists and that the modern world does not rhyme with our current bodies. According to Johnson, many of our health complaints arise from this discrepancy. The solution must lie in finding ways to recreate our ancestral way of life in our modern world. Ancestral Supplements' ambitious mission is to "bring back what the modern world has put aside in our diet and in our overall way of life, in order to make people strong, healthy and happy again." To accomplish this mission, the company has put together supplements that make it easier for everyone to benefit from animal organs and glands.

More Information
Product Name
Grass-Fed Bovine Colostrum
Ancestral Supplements
180 capsules
User Instructions

Take six capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Ingredients per Serving
 Amount per capsule% DV
Freeze-Dried New Zealand Grassfed Colostrum (Bovine) 500 mg **

** % Recommended Daily Allowance not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Bovine gelatin (capsule).

Lactose, Milk
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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