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Hormones are chemicals that act as messengers in the body. After being produced in one part of the body (the glands), they travel to other parts of the body. There they help cells and organs in the exercise of their functions. When hormones are out of balance, this may result in various physical and mental problems. In our product range we have included DHEA and melatonin tablets that under various conditions may contribute to a more stable hormone metabolism.

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Keeping hormones in balance

For the general functioning of the body, it is of vital importance that the endocrine system is kept in balance.  A natural and healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, adequate relaxation, physical exercise and sufficient quality sleep are good ways to positively affect your hormones.  In some cases, however, just a little bit extra may be needed to achieve or maintain an optimal balance.


Buying melatonin tablets

Melatonin is a critically important hormone, because it plays a role in the regulation of almost all other hormones in the body.  It is produced in the pineal gland and controls the day-night (circadian) rhythm.  Melatonin is thus considered the prime regulator of sleep.  Zinc-selenium melatonin tablets by Dr.  Pierpaoli simulate the natural release pattern of melatonin and helps you wake up feeling fresh and relaxed.  No other melatonin product has a similar effect.



It is rarely wise to just swallow extra hormones without proper orientation.  Always carefully read our product descriptions first.  For instance, it is important to always consult with a medical professional about the use of melatonin tablets and not to use them under any circumstance during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  DHEA cannot be used in combination with uterine, breast, ovarian or prostate problems, and in case of an increased risk of developing cancer.