Living Bone - Natural Calcium-Protein Complex - Grass-fed

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  • Pure, high-quality beef bones
  • Packed with calcium, phosphorus & type I collagen
  • Contains important proteins
  • Benefits the skeleton*
  • No hormones, pesticides or GMOs
  • Freeze-dried for optimal preservation
  • 180 capsules
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Living Bone - Natural Calcium-Protein Complex by Ancestral Supplements

The human genome has evolved thanks to a nutritious diet in which the eating of all parts of animals was essential. In many indigenous cultures and traditional peoples, the consumption of bone and bone marrow was very important. Because of its high nutritional quality it even served as a prehistoric superfood. Living Bone - Natural Calcium-Protein Complex by Ancestral Supplements provides 100% pure bovine (beef) bones containing powerful building blocks and high amounts of microcrystalline calcium and phosphorus, along with essential trace elements and important bone proteins . Based on the concept of 'like supports like', consuming high-quality beef bones, rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and more, supports one’s own bones and connective tissues. The recommended dose is 3 daily capsules which may be taken during or between meals.

The traditional consumption of bones

Our ancestors intuitively knew how nutritious animal bones were. All over the world, evidence has been found of traditional cultures that ground the bones of small birds and mammals to consume the calcium-rich bones. Many cultures had no access to dairy, and animal bones were their only proper source of calcium. Among the Inuit, fish were fermented, leaving butter-soft bones. Indigenous African peoples also fermented the bones of small animals to make bone paste. In Sweden herrings were roasted over fire and consumed from head to toe, including skeleton. In Cameroon, fish bones are still grilled and eaten as crisps today.

The power of bovine bones

Living Bone - Natural Calcium-Protein Complex by Ancestral Supplements is an all-natural nutritional supplement that provides 100% pure bovine bone extracts from grass-fed New Zealand pasture-raised cattle. Animal bones have a nutritional value completely different from that of muscle tissue. Bones consist of rigid yet living tissue that is actually an organ and thus, like other animal organs, contains valuable nutrients for the corresponding human organs. Bones contain type I collagen, often considered the intracellular 'glue' of your body. They are also very rich in easily absorbable forms of calcium and phosphorus. Bones also contain essential trace elements and minerals (including magnesium, boron, strontium and sodium), cofactors, enzymes, glycosaminoglycans and bone-stimulating proteins (IGF I & II, TGF β osteocalcin) that support bone strength, flexibility and mineralization.


  • Contains 100% pure bovine bones derived from grass-fed meadow cattle from New Zealand
  • Calcium is necessary for the maintenance of normal bones
  • Calcium contributes to the production of cells and tissues
  • Phosphorus is important for bone composition
  • Phosphorus contributes to the normal function of cell membranes
  • Magnesium benefits the skeleton and muscles
  • Formulated pure: without fillers but with quality ingredients
  • Contains no pesticides or hormones; GMO-free

Eating head to tail

While it may be a bit daunting for many people to eat organ meats, such meats were the highest rated in traditional cultures. For many hunter-gatherers, eating animal organs was a sacred thing! For example, they believed that eating a healthy animal heart is good for a strong heart and that consuming an animal liver provides nutrition and strength to their own liver. It seems that this ancient wisdom was not pulled out of thin air, moreover that evolutionary diets were based on valuable ideas. Organ therapy using supplements as well as eating according to the head-to-tail principle have become increasingly popular. Animal organs are extremely rich in nutrients that are important for our body, including B vitamins, proteins and minerals. It is possible to prepare fresh meals with organ meats, but Ancestral Supplements products make it even easier to take advantage of the health benefits of organ consumption. With these handy supplements you can effortlessly add the essential nutrients from organs to your diet -- every day.

Natural Ingredients of Living Bone

  • Collagen type I
  • Calcium & phosphorus (microcrystalline hydroxy-apatite) in the ideal 2:1 ratio
  • Molecular bioregulators
  • Cofactors & enzymes
  • Glycosaminoglycans
  • Essential trace minerals including magnesium, strontium, boron & sodium
  • Bone-stimulating proteins (IGF I & II, TGF β & osteocalcin)

Weston Price Principles

Canadian dentist Weston Price (1870-1948) studied the dietary habits in traditional cultures around the world. He discovered that the original inhabitants of Canada attached great importance to consuming meat from animal organs; especially bone marrow was loved. Organs were a staple in the daily diet of our early ancestors, and for good reason: intake of fat-soluble vitamins and many of the essential minerals was accomplished through eating animal organs.

How do organ supplements work?

Your body requires essential amino acids to transform them through protein synthesis into nucleoproteins, antibodies, enzymes and tissue cells. Organ meats are an important source of essential amino acids, as well as other micronutrients, fatty acids, enzymes and cofactors that nourish and support our entire body. Organs also contain organ-specific nutrients that travel to the target organ in our body: the corresponding organ in the human body. The body seems to recognize the nutritional components in an animal organ and then transport them to the same organ in the human body thriving on this specific nutrient composition. Mother Nature has arranged it so that these substances end up exactly where your body needs them. By taking organ supplements, you ensure that your body and your organs can be supplied with essential micronutrients and bioactive substances.

Bones and organs of the highest quality

New Zealand appears to be made for raising healthy livestock. The country is unique, the climate is temperate and pasture grass grows fresh and green all year round. This means that every day of the year, cows can eat the food that is healthiest for them. The cattle used in Ancestral Supplements' products come from New Zealand and are strictly grass-fed. They are kept without the use of hormones, pesticides or antibiotics and the health of the animals is closely monitored. Strict government licensing, certification and control procedures ensure the highest quality is achieved. By freeze-drying the bones and organs, vitamins, cofactors and minerals are preserved.

About Ancestral Supplements

Ancestral Supplements is a Texas-based company that produces high-quality organ supplements. The company's mission was born out of the personal drive of one of its founders, Brian Johnson, who was committed to ensuring that his sons, both in poor health, became fit and vital again. After years of doctor visits and examinations, they took matters into their own hands and the whole family began eating organic, grass-fed and wild-caught animal meat according to the head-to-tail principle. Their entire way of life changed drastically, based on the way our ancestors lived and interacted with the world around them. It is the great success of this lifestyle that prompted Johnson to establish Ancestral Supplements. To make animal organs and glands more accessible to everyone, the company has carefully put together products that contain these animal organs full of essential nutrients.

* Beef bones are rich in calcium and phosphorus, both of which benefit the skeleton

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Product Name
Living Bone - Natural Calcium-Protein Complex - Grass-fed
Ancestral Supplements
180 capsules
User Instructions

Take 3 capsules daily or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Ingredients per Serving

750 mg calcium (from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) 94%, 300 mg phosphorous (from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) 43%, 3000 mg New Zealand Grass Fed Mid-shaft long leg bones (bovine) (type I collagen, glycosaminoglycans, bone stimulating peptides, trace minerals).

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Gelatin (capsule).

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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