Daily Maca Plus for Men - Powder

  • 100% real and whole food sources
  • Energy formulation especially for men
  • With maca, rhodiola, reishi and Saw Palmetto
  • Complete spectrum of antioxidants
  • Does not upset the stomach and is easy to digest
  • Does not contain pesticides, herbicides, gluten, dairy or soy
  • 45 grams
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MegaFood Daily Maca Plus for men

The Peruvian root vegetable maca contains a wide range of active substances. The people of Peru started cultivating this food some 2500 years ago. For them, this plant is just as normal as potatoes are for the Dutch. Eat it raw or dried. The plant can survive in cold, mountainous environments and is traditionally cultivated high up in the Andes Mountains. The carrot is the most important part of the maca, because it is packed with important nutrients. The formula for this maca powder has been specially developed to actively stimulate men's vitality. The basis for this is a powerful trinity of maca combined with eleuthero and rhodiola. These potent herbs are supported by a mix of saw palmetto extract and the reishi mushroom.


  • The powder contains a smart mix of powerful ingredients including maca, eleuthero and rhodiola
  • The blend is fortified by various herbs, including saw palm tree extract and reishi
  • The formula is designed specifically for men
  • MegaFood works with pure and natural ingredients
  • Easily blend the maca powder with any drink

Support your vitality with the best maca

Maca is a tuberous plant that grows in the Peruvian Andes mountains under extreme weather conditions. The plant is exposed to a lot of sunlight, but also to extreme cold. It is therefore a very strong plant, which has been grown and eaten in Peru for more than 2500 years. The root of the plant contains the most important nutrients. The Incas already recognised the beneficial effects of the plant and believed that it gave warriors energy and strength.

Optimal blend of natural ingredients

This supplement has been created using only healthy and pure raw materials that come directly from the land. The minerals are hardly processed, so they contain a complete range of active substances. In addition, the maca powder is unsweetened and made from pure ingredients. The yellow maca in this product contains almost all essential amino acids and is packed with vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C. Maca is also rich in the minerals iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium as well as complex alkaloids, fatty acids and sterols (organic molecules). Maca is suitable for both men and women. Simply mix the powder with your morning juice or drink.

What are Re-Natured® Foodstate Nutrients™?

When manufacturing MegaFood's Re-Natured® Foodstate Nutrients™, nutrients are added to real food in such a way as to mimic the natural growth process. In this unique and patented process, nutrients and plants are not simply mixed together, but a connection takes place comparable to growth processes in nature. Due to this biotransformation, the body recognizes these substances as food and as such fully absorbs them.

About MegaFood - Fresh from farm to tablet

MegaFood aims to improve people's lives through wholesome food supplements with natural ingredients. Founded in 1973, MegaFood has been a pioneer in the supplement industry, and its vitamins and minerals made from natural food sources continue to be among the best available. Products are produced without heat, such that all main nutrients remain intact. The company is unique, not only because it manufactures its own concentrates, but also because it purchases its products from local farmers and family businesses. Thus, MegaFood has control over every aspect of the production process and can truly live up to its slogan, 'Fresh from farm to tablet'.

More Information
Product Name
Daily Maca Plus for Men - Powder
45 grams
User Instructions
Add one 1 level scoop to 6-8 ounces of your favorite smoothie, shake or juice, blend well and enjoy.
Ingredients per Serving
725 mg Daily Vitality Blend* (400 mg Organic Maca Root, 200 mg Organic Reishi Mushroom (grown on purple kculli corn), 125 mg Rhodiola Root Extract), 450 mg Body-Strengthening Blend* (250 mg Organic Saw Palmetto Berry, 100 mg Organic Eleuthero Root, 100 mg Organic Schisandra Berry), 100 mg FoodState® Dandelion Root†*. * Reference Intake (RI) not established. † Includes Organic Dandelion Root.
EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients
Organic brown rice.
Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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