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Empirical Labs | Liposomal formulation

In 1989 Empirical Labs was founded by two herbalists to produce high-quality natural nutraceuticals. Over the years Empirical Labs has built up a solid reputation and still guarantees the best quality of herbs, extracts, vitamins and minerals. In 2009 they sold their first liposomal product: liposomal vitamin C. Their own developed technique for making liposomes is known as Qualisome; Liposomes have the ability to release bioactive substances and improve their uptake past the gastrointestinal barrier. As natural vehicles they thus deliver bioactive substances.

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Empirical Labs uses liposomal technology to improve absorption of difficult-to-absorb ingredients. This applies to notoriously difficult-to-absorb substances such as curcumin, resveratrol and CoQ10. Absorption may be boosted up to 6 times, such as in the case of CoQ10. Liposomal technology is also used to improve the properties of already readily absorbable ingredients such as vitamin C. Liposomes generally improve the efficiency of dietary supplements. Empirical Labs liposomes are natural and free of soy.

Liposomal Vitamin C

We often hear it asked why vitamin C is incorporated into liposomes. Vitamin C is generally well-absorbed. However, this property has a cut-off point at doses of about 200 mg. Beyond this dose, absorption rapidlydecreases. At around 500 mg per dose and over, the largest part is wasted. If you treat vitamin C liposomally this becomes a different story. The body is now able to take in higher doses, and compounds now remain in the bloodstream for up to 10 hours. In other words: liposomal vitamin C boosts blood values and these blood values stay elevated for a longer period of time.

Empirical Labs

Empirical Labs is located in Fort Collins, CO, USA. They have been active in the food supplements industry as far back as 1989, both as producer and formulator. Advanced knowledge in the field of natural liposomes distinguishes Empirical Labs products from the wide range of nutritional supplements on the American market. Emperical Labs continuously monitors the possibilities to extend application of their liposomal technology in products. Poorly absorbable ingredients show clear benefits from liposomal technology but so do ingredients that are already well absorbed. Liposomes improve the performance of both, albeit in particular ways.