Liposomal DHA
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Liposomal DHA

  • Liposomal DHA from algae
  • Highly effective uptake
  • Liposomal transport mechanism
  • The ultimate brain supplement
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Liposomal DHA - Vegetable

The role of omega-3 fatty acids in our daily diet and physical wellbeing has been widely recognized in the literature. Regular omega-3 supplements, especially the first generation of omega-3 supplements such as fish oils, have limitations such as the SN position of DHA on the glycerol spine, rendering them susceptibility to decay and lowering their bio-availability.

Integration of phospholipids with DHA into a liposomal
DHA liquid makes DHA less susceptible to spoilage, makes it soluble in water, and markedly improves uptake. This would make it a more effective product than the usual omega-3 oils.

It is especially important that liposomal DHA is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and therefore can be used directly in the brain. In the brain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is the most common omega-3 fatty acid with concentrations of up to 97%. As an important structural component of cell membranes DHA is extremely important to the overall functioning of the brain and thus the entire central nervous system. Liposomal technology ensures that DHA can survive the acidic environment of the stomach and that it can reach the small intestine intact where the DHA is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

• Liposomal DHA is the ultimate brain supplement
• Derived from environmentally friendly algae
• Contains +/- 50%
free DHA and +/- 50% DHA identical to fish-DHA
• Made with Empirical Lab's own Cold Structure Technology™

Blood-brain barrier

The central nervous system has a blood-brain barrier and a blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier. Both barriers are high specialized structures. The role of these barriers is to separate substances that circulate in the blood from the neurons.

Both of these obstacles allow selective passage of nutrients and minerals, and at the same time either
allow or restrict/block the entry of other substances, such as some drugs and supplements.

Although the blood-brain barrier and the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier do not allow all substances that appear  in the blood to pass, nutrients that are important for brain functions are partially permeable. A liposomal delivery system ensures that the permeability of active ingredients in the brain is enhanced.


Liposomes are circular, hollow structures that are very similar to cells and consist of a simple or multiple-layer lipid membrane. The lipid components of liposomes consist mainly of phosphatidylcholine extracted from natural raw materials such as soybean, sunflower or egg lecithin.

Liposomes are currently very much in the spotlight as targeted and effective transport systems for bioactive substances. The unique property of liposomes to enclose active ingredients in both the aqueous and the lipid phase make them attractive as a delivery system for hydrophilic and hydrophobic active agents.

The tiny hollow spheres provide a stable, molecular-level way of encapsulation. The inside is composed of the active ingredient and an outer layer of the phospholipids forming the capsule wall.

Liposomes are biocompatible, non-toxic, suitable for lipophilic and hydrophilic molecules, protect active ingredients from degradation, and deliver the active ingredients behind the blood-brain barrier and biological membranes.

More Information
Product Name
Liposomal DHA
Empirical Labs
180 ml
User Instructions

Take 6 ml per day, slightly more than a teaspoon, with a meal or drink. Gently shake before use. Keep the bottle in the refrigerator after opening.

Ingredients per Serving

400 mg DHA (from algal oil) †, phospholipids. † Recommended Daily Intake not established.

EU Norm
*RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance
Other Ingredients

Purified water, natural flavors, ribose polysaccharides, potassium sorbate.

Storage: see label. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult an expert before use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication.
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